Outings & Adventures

The Stairstep to Adventure
Troop 78 has developed a “Stairstep to Adventure” program that provides challenging but achievable adventures as Scouts grow in skills and strength. As they progress through their skill development, Scouts become prepared for longer and more difficult outings and adventures. The Stairstep to Adventure program forms the backbone of Troop 78 programming and keeps boys engaged in Scouting from 5th grade through high school. 

Monthly Outings
New Scouts begin their journey at weekly troop meetings that introduce basic Scout skills and the Patrol Method. Monthly Outings reinforce those skills through the real-world practice of camping, cooking, hiking, orienteering, pioneering, first aid, and wilderness survival. Typical Monthly Outings:

Fishing & Cycling Weekend
Mountain Man (no stoves, lighters, or tents)
Cabin, Compass, and Cookoff
Ski Weekend
Klondike (winter camping with skill challenges)
Canyon Mountain Biking
Stargazing & Rocketry
Canyoneering Long Weekend
Shooting Sports Weekend

Summer Adventures: Leveled Challenges
Once Scouts have mastered the basic skills, they are prepared for more difficult Summer Adventures that are leveled by age and skill ability. New Scouts begin with summer camp and backpacking and then progress to bolder adventures as they and their patrol advance in skills and ability. Second-year Scouts may be prepared for week-long backpacking trips and canoe trips. Typical Summer Adventures:

Summer Camp (weeklong)
Backpacking Weekend
Weeklong Backpacking
Weeklong Canoe Trek

High Adventures
The middle-school age Summer Adventures offer real-world experience to Scouts who want to prepare for even more challenging high-school level challenges like the Boy Scout High Adventure Bases at Philmont, Northern Tier, Sea Base, and Summit Bechtel Reserve. Our Troop attends BSA High Adventure Bases each year and rotates through Philmont, Northern Tier, Sea Base, and Summer Bechtel Reserve.

Super High Adventures
Troop 78 doesn’t stop at BSA High Adventures. For Scouts who have the fitness, skills, and experience, we go even bigger with our boy-led, adult-enabled custom super high adventures which are more challenging than BSA High Adventure Bases. These outings are typically capstone adventures for our most experienced Scouts who are soon heading off to college. These outings test the Scouts, Scoutmasters, and adult volunteers who attend them and require a full year or more of planning as well as a few months of physical preparation. Recent adventures include two weeks of backpacking in Colorado’s San Juan mountains, Hawaii, and a two-week trek through Alaska.

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